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There is a problem with this websites security certificate

Last response: in Windows 7
August 14, 2011 7:37:19 AM

I am trying to get into my AKO account that I check almost everyday and know I get:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate.
The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.
Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

What do I need to do to be able to get into that website.
a b $ Windows 7
August 14, 2011 3:46:06 PM

Maybe if you told us what a AKO account is someone could help you. Sorry but my crystall ball is not working this morning.
August 14, 2011 3:55:24 PM

The warning gives you three options, right? You have the recommended "Do not enter". The second option (I think) is a not recommended "Enter anyway." The third? I forget right now.

If you absolutely trust this site, select the "Enter anyway" option.

My corporate VPN site gives me the same kind of warning.
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