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Why is Photoshop CS4 behaving so oddly on my Vista 64bit?

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April 26, 2010 3:39:00 AM

I've been having massive issues with my machine using Adobe Photoshop CS4 since I've had it. My system specs are as so:

- Vista 64-Bit
- 6 GB of ram
- Intel i7 @ 2.67 GHZ / 2.67 GHZ
- GeForce GTX 260

I also want to note I have ZERO issues with any other software, even 3D modeling software (Cinema4D). Working in large 3D files and rendering, etc - everything is fine. So. In Photoshop CS4, the main problem is SEVERE mouse-interaction lag. When I first launch the application, things are okay for a bit. As soon as I start working for longer than 25 minutes (very average stuff too - maybe 3 documents open, etc) it starts to hit.

The lag seems to only affect the canvas area. For example, clicking on actual buttons/interface elements has no lag at all (toolbar, palette windows) and works totally fine. But normal interaction anywhere in the canvas, and it's like there's a major delay before it PROCESSES my mouse input. Let's say I select the Brush tool. I click+hold on the canvas, and NOTHING will happen for about 8-10 seconds. After this delay, finally it will draw something on the screen, and as I continue moving my mouse, it will draw normally with no problems. But once I let go and click somewhere else, the same delay occurs, and I have to sit there holding my mouse button down until it starts to draw on the screen.

This applies to anything else. Lets say I try to resize an object. I hit CTRL+T for transform, it works fine.. then as soon as I start to resize the object with my mouse, it won't actually start doing it for 10 seconds or so... and once it 'kicks in', it works fine until I let go of the mouse button. So the summarize the problem: I click anywhere in my canvas, and my input doesn't "register" for a LONG time, after which, as long as I've been holding the mouse button down the entire time, I can complete drawing normally. But as soon as I let go and click again, same problem.


Now, in trying to debug this problem I've:

- Tried different mice. Same problem.
- Tried using a Wacom pen. Problem happens with that too.
- Upgraded my videocard with the latest drivers. Same problem.
- My Vista64 system has the latest updates, etc.
- Reinstalled Photoshop CS4. Problem still comes back.
- I'm using 2 scratch disks in Photoshop. Doesn't help problem.
- I have OpenGL drawing enabled in GPU settings. Same problem.
- I tried running both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of my Photoshop, and problem occurs in both.
- Photoshop is up to date, and I'm on 11.0.1

Like I said, after only 10-20 minutes of using Photoshop, this lag effect starts to appear. Every time, no matter what. I have to close the program completely, and re-open, and the lag goes away.. but then comes right back eventually. I use Photoshop CS4 at work on a (crappier) HP Core 2 Duo computer with only XP 32-bit installed on it, and this problem has never, ever happened once. So I cannot figure out what could be causing this, but it's seriously destroying productivity.

Any advice would be amazing
Thanks all.

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April 28, 2010 6:11:42 PM

Right click Computer icon
Left click on Manage > Device Manager > View > Show hidden devices

Do you see any badly installed devices?