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Haute Secure - Any Good?

I downloaded a new program called Haute Secure, which had some good reviews. It was difficult to find a site that I was able to download it from and, when I did find one, I checked it for viruses before opening the setup file and there were none.

However, after it installed and my computer rebooted, a blue screen appeared and would not allow Windows to open. It prompted me to try making repairs, but then I received a message that my computer could not be repaired. I was finally able to open Windows in the Safe Mode and choose Open with the last Good Configuration. That worked and I then uninstalled the program.

Does anyone have any experience with this program? I have Rapport Trusteer already on my computer. Could there have been a conflict between the two programs? I tried doing a Google search for their site, but the search did not come up with anything.

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    Sometimes different types of security programs can conflict!
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