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At school I'm learning BASIC (not visual basic).
We have to use Macs in class but I only own windows.. We use FutureBASIC.
I've searched around and haven't been able to find a windows equivalent. Only Visual Studio which is for Visual Basic not Basic.
So does anyone know of any programs that could help me?
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  1. You could try GFA-BASIC 32 for Windows.
  2. Keep in mind that there might be slight variances between these BASIC types so you cannot assume that something that will work under one will work the same for the other.
  3. Hmm yes, I've noticed that..
    Even WINDOW won't work in the GFA-BASIC..
    Any ideas on how I can work out how to convert the commands?
    Like what commands are different between the programs?
  4. Not so good.

    You could go for the extreme option of trying to emulate OS X on your Windows machine just so you could run FutureBASIC. PearPC maybe? I've never tried this.

    Or maybe you could try and pick up a cheap old mac second hand?
  5. Hmmm, I've tried OSX on my PC before, it doesn't really work because I use AMD which isn't really compatible with OSX :/
  6. I didn't mean running it natively I meant trying to emulate it? Like I said I don't have much experience with trying to do this.

    So maybe trying to pick up a second hard machine is the way to go. Alternatively maybe your school will let you borrow something or perhaps let you remote desktop into one of their machines?
  7. You can't emulate Intel-only software on an AMD cpu..
    And I suppose I could ask them.. but I doubt it would go well.

    Any ideas about working out the different commands.. like WINDOW doesn't even work in GFA-Basic
  8. A good emulator will handle CPU specific instructions by translating them into the appropriate alternative instruction or collection of instructions to achieve the same functionality.

    As for specific commands, I've not used basic for 15 years and even then it was on a BBC machine. You'll want to stick to core functions that are shared between the two. I don't know where you'd get this information.

    You're much too diligent a student. Just hang out and play Nintendo ;)
  9. I think a used Mac might be your best option. For example, here is one for $199!
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