Best sub $200 video editing software for multiple pov streams?


I recently went from 1 to 3 GoPro HD cameras that I'm using to capture and publish sailboat races with. With one camera, Windows Movie Maker worked. Now that I have 3 different pov to work with, I need a better product to edit the video with.

Here is some of the video we are playing with, all of this is single camera work.

I may be asking for the moon, but I'd want a easy way to view all three streams at the same time to snip out action as it passes from one camera to the next.

So far I've downloaded a Trial copy of Avid Studio and am playing with that, but need to read up on managing the multiple streams with it. The next one I'll be looking at is CyberLink PowerDirector 9.

I'm using the below system for the editing. Will run all three streams at same time using 3 instances of VLC without breaking 20% cpu usage.

OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: i7920 2.6Ghz
Ram: 6GB
Video: ATI 4970

Thanks in advance for your comments, and it may be that I just need to spend more time reading the tutorials I can get my hands on for AVID Studio.
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  1. Get Adobe Premiere Elements 9, its a really nice video editing program that goes for about $100, it has all the basic setups of premiere pro without all the complicated settings and uses (that mostly only pro film makers use). It also has 2 video channels and 2 audio channels ( i think you can increase the number of channels, not sure) which WLMM doesn't have, which means that you can add sounds in a film and a background song without them interfering and you can use the dual video channels to better organize your footage. Your computer should be able to handle it pretty well. I personally prefer Adobe products since they are very professional, efficient and if your ever stuck, their help forums are always there for support.

    Good luck on your films
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