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I am basically a photographer and well my guys now need a system to help edit the hd video they are shooting. For me this is completely new area but would like to configure a sytem at a decent budget and would work with Adobe premiere and after effects. The space for keeping the sytems is also limited, so was wondering if the systems can be stacked horizontaly. I know i do have the option for Mac's but prefer windows. Any help would be excellent. I have read about the sytems configured for $4000, etc and will hand it over to my hardware incharge, but still was looking for an alternate/budget wise better solution. We shoot on Sony Z7
thanks a ton
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  2. A fast single PC with a fast quad-core and a good video card will be well under $2,000 and will edit and encode HD video with acceptable performance. The question is how much time vs. money are you willing to give up? If you setup a rendering node, you can do it but will require more hardware and know-how that a single fast system.

    I suggest a RAID5 system, for HD video you'd want a multi-TB drive array. Some 2 TB drives in a RAID5 setup will do fine.

    This does not include any backup hardware though, you may want an external NAS or SAN to backup the work also.
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