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How to repair internet virus X:\Windows\sysytem32> on Vista

My laptop has a virus. From the command prompt menu I'm unable to access the C drive. The menu reads: X:\Windows\system32. I'm unable to access the C drive. The laptop cycles through on and off and the camera goes off. I'm trying to load Norton anti virus, but am unable to get to the C drive. Can you help?
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    Well, if the hard drive is not present in BIOS it has apparently failed. Time to consider replacing it.
  2. My dad literally just got this virus on his computer. No idea how the hell he did it, but it has me stumped. Everything that used to be drive C:\ and it's contents have been renamed or deleted. Now the drive has been labeled as X:\. I have no idea how it did that, but whenever he restarts his computer, all it does is bring him into the Windows Recovery. It doesn't recognize that there is an operating system on the computer at all. I have no idea what to do, so any advice you have is appreciated.
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