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Cannot delete icon of desktop help please.

I'm running vista ultimate, and i have a music icon on my desktop. but it says 0 bytes and when i try to delete it is says "This is no longer located in "path". Verify the items location and try again".

I tried to search for this file and i found it but it still didn't let me delete it i have no idea how to delete this file. i tried doing it in the regedit but it couldn't find it?

please help me out guys/gals,

thanks goodlockin.
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  1. Hi.

    Do u try in safe mode?
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    If your not able to delete this file in safe mode, I recommend to take a look in this guy blog:

    There's another solution in this thread also:
    (take a look at the last post)
  3. Thanks guys for your help it fixed the problem...those links you sent me Matan Eldan helped alot it took a little fiddling around but i understood the concept in the end.

    thanks goodlockin :D
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