Best Video Card for my Situation

Best Video Card for my Situation

Hello everyone :) After a good 6 months of SLOWLY getting my PC parts

ordered I'm one part short of using my new computer.

My original build has changed a bit due to a sudden decrease in funds.


Case - Centurion 5
Psu - Hiper 580W
Gpu - x1950xt
mobo - Gigabyte 965P DS3
Cpu - E6600
Dvd/Cd - samsung 18x dvd+r
Main HD - 74GB raptor
Storage HD - Western Caviar 500GB
Ram - Corsair 2gb
Monitor - Hans G 19in wide screen 1440 x 900
OS - xp home

My current set up

Case - SAME
Psu - SAME
Gpu - NA
mobo - same
cpu - e4300 :( (compared to the e6600)
dvd/cd - same
main hd - 500gb Seagate barracuda
storage hd - NA don't need now
Ram - G.skill 2 gb
monitor - same
OS - same

Now the question is what video card is the best choice my current

set up that is 150.00 + shipping. I was considering

mainly because it looks the best for the price and it's evga and I could do

the step up program. I just don't know how i'd go about doing that.

I'd like to get as much info as possible before tomorrow ( Monday 25th) because it's killing me waiting so long ><.

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  1. I'll be upgrading to a Q6600 and a 8800 GTS in the future. The E4300 was just to hold me over for the Q6600 and the 7900GS was just hold me over until i can afford the 8800GTS.
  2. SAPPHIRE 100176L Radeon X1950PRO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card - Retail

    Overall better performer and $15 cheaper.
  3. Yea go for the X1950Pro, it beats the 7900GS in almost everything and is cheaper too.
  4. The reason I posted this is because toms hardware didn't have a up to date best graphic card for your money list.... then i checked it and it was up to date today. Thing is the EVGA 7900 GS is very close to the Sapphire X1950PRO. I just thought if i got the 7900 GS i could wait a while to save up some cash and do the step up for the 8800 GTS does this sound better? Or just go with the x1950 Pro. Either way there both nice cards. Thanks.
  5. If you want better gaming performance in the meantime, go with the X1950Pro. Although, that step-up does sound tempting.
  6. you will be above me but you'll love the monitor [ ok my psu equals also]
    I understand budgeting .. the last two years the budget was for pheriphilles. got two qf those monitors, [got one for a friend first and liked it , then mine] then built a komp bench for the four systems . The two in the middle of my sig are from the thrash and fixed/cleaned/reformated...

    but if you are using LINUX or going to , I'd recommend your choice
  7. Get the 7900GS. It's not as fast as the 1950Pro but is overclockable (the Ati isn't really) and the performance difference is not that big, in fact i would call it rather small, especially with the KO version of the 7900. The Evga step up program will permit you to upgrade in 90 days, so be financially prepared by then! If your rig is mainly for gaming, hold on to your e4300 until the end of the year or even more (overclock it of course). You will not see significant difference, if at all, with a quad core in games.

    Good luck :D
  8. Yea, if he can get an EVGA 7900GS and use the Step Up that would be cool, but otherwise the X1950Pro is a faster and sometimes cheaper card. And you don't have to overclock it.
  9. Thanks BigBlack I needed more reinsurance before I went with the 7900. I aloso read it overclocks well. I'll have no problem getting a 8800GTS in 90days its just that I waited 6 months to have this thing built and I just can't wait any longer. Thanks everyone :) I made my mind up I'm going for the 7900 and doing the step up later. I'll be holding off upgrading my CPU until I really need to do so.

    I'm coming from a
    AMD Athlon 3000+
    1.5GB's ram
    Chaintech FX 5500
    15in CRT (BTW I LOVE MY 19in HansG wide screen)

    To what I'm currently building... I hope it's well worth it.
  10. To SEALboy I appreciate you helping as well, it's just that I'm leaning towards the 8800 and getting the 7900 for now and stepping up seems better for my situation.
  11. Yeah I agree the 7900 will hold you off until DX10 is mainstream which should be awhile, two years. Plus you'll beable to play DX10 in DX 9 mode as the difference now is so small. It'll take some time for game makers to tap into the true power of DX10 games.
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