Damm! have to restart the router again #$%^&

I've got a working static IP network with a wireless router (3Com) and 2 access points (Edimax) operating in repeater mode. I extends the network range to my main computer, the other is connected to my hp printer (making it wireless). The problem is every day or so the internet connection drops and I have to restart one or more of the access points for the connection to return.

When the problem exists I can ping the router and the connection strength is fine, but there is no internet access. On other occasions I can't ping the router. I haven't identified any patter to when these occur.

Any ideas? It's driving me nuts...
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  1. If you are on ADSL, sounds like a line problem. Make sure you are using the master phone socket (the one nearest the cable coming in from the street) and if possible change the socket to an ADSL-specific model which will apply filtering to extensions.
  2. I'm using an adsl filter to connect to the phone socket. I doubt it's a adsl line problem frankly. Actually, I'm not sure if the internet connection drops globally when it drops. I have a hunch that if I connect directly to the gateway router the internet will work - but it doesn't for computers that are trying to access through the other access point(s). I need to check that though. I don't have to restart the ADSL modem either, just the access point I'm connecting through...

    Thanks for your reply!
  3. Sounds as if you have a fairly complex system and that the problem is on the LAN side (not WAN as per my previous guess). Given that you are using wireless, my next bet would be wireless issues -- either reception or interference.

    A new joker in the pack in wireless is music streaming devices on the same wavelengths as a router -- I've detected 2 in my neighbourhood. They don't seem to show up in my wireless adapter's user interface but I discovered them when playing with some wireless headphones. I'd use NetStumbler but that doesn't work with my latest adapter.

    If I were you I'd consider using mains adapter networking devices -- wireless is getting too crowded to trust anything serious to.
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