Pyrun.exe on windows hard drive -linux never installed on it

i borrowed my buddys computer-it has been running windows vista for a long time-with no problems At first it also worked for me-it has no linux on it nor never did -only windows
i am running a blog-a blog which i am sure the government wanted to shut down and finally did along with my etc -why or how can anyone not devious put pyrun on a windows hard drive unless it is to shut down the computer-i did have 2 updates while blogging-one was firefox and one was microsoft hahaha no i am not paranoid -i have records of many strange ips and isps on my blog traffic reader-one was abovetheinternetAmerica instead of verizon or cableone or other providors who would have this ip no number given either at one time i had 12 visitors on my site with no provider or location number
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  1. Aside of your problems or paranoia, it's clear that with buddies like you, the computer owner needs no enemies.

    How kind it was of you to borrow his computer when you believed you were under investigation by your Government. You should return the computer and offer him or her the cost of a professional reinstallation of Vista and use your own equipment in future for whatever it is you're doing that hacks off the authorities.

  2. I don't know why anyone devious would bother to place PyRun on your system anyway. That means they'd also have to install Python. If they wanted to be "devious", they should have stuck with simple batch scripts.
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