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:hello: Hi, I have a Sharkoon Fireglider and I really want to be able to use Mouse 5 button and scroll up/down to control the volume. Does anyone know how to do this. I am using the free Mouse Editor that came with the package. It seems to have EVERYTHING apart from the ability to use two mouse buttons together.

If there is a script to use with the macro manager or anyone knows a way to get the program to do it for me, that would be great

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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Hey thanks for the quick reply.

    That program is the one I'm already using. But on that, I'm trying to find out what to do so I can press Mouse 5 + Scroll Up/Down so that I can change my volume up or down on my pc (If I'm being stupid and there is something in that .zip that does that, just say)

    The reason I want 2 mouse buttons to do this is because if I set scroll up/down to volume up/down, it disables the function to scroll up and down a page and I need that.

  2. -PUSH-

    Anyone got a solution for this problem? I'd also be interested in it!

    I think the main issue is, how to trigger the scroll-wheel in macro editor! ("If the state of <<wheel-up>> is pressed" --> wheel-up cannot be triggered as far as I know?)

    every hint is appreciated!
  3. :hello:

    Kindly I ask your attention. :)

    Yeah, I do!

    Just contact the programmer of the program and ask for an update that makes it possible. :hap:

    Silly, isn't it?

    Most people forget about those things.

    Hopefully I let you known enough and that you will find the answers you seek! :)

    Good luck and have fun doing it! :hap:

    Best Regards,

  4. MeneerWitte said:

    Just contact the programmer of the program and ask for an update that makes it possible. :hap:

    So I did! They told me that they just realized, that it wouldn't be possible. ^^ Sounds like they don't pay much attention... but hey, at least they answered ^^
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