After factory restore, missing 161GB

Hi everyone. I've been experiencing some problems (motherboard starting to go), so as to alleviate myself of some of the possible issues I restored my system to factory condition...almost.
The problem is I'm missing 161GB of hard drive space that I cannot locate. Thirty-fiveGB is allocated to the OS, but there is that additional 161GB. I never backed up any files and haven't put anything onto a ghost or image drive within the 500GB HDD. Would be grateful if someone could enlighten me on this. Thanks much...gwb56
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    if you PC is a brand name like a HP or Dell then restoring it may have put a recovery partition on the hard drive.

    this would be the only thing i could suggest sense you didn't tell us what kind of computer you have
  2. captaincharisma, thank you for the reply. My system is a build from CyberPower PC , but I believe even HP, Dell, etc. wouldn't put a 161GB recovery partion onto a hardrive. Out of 500GB, Windows has reserved 35GB for Vista. Guess I may have to purchase an OS. Hate these companies that give you just a crappy recoverCD. I like to really own the OS on my system. Cheers...gwb56

    NOTE: The 161GB is what remained missing after I deleted the System.old files (89GB)
  3. Update: I finally figured out what I did wrong with the recovery disk. I installed Vista on top of Vista fearing to use the delete and format features an the Advanced section. All is well now and I thank everyone for their time and help...gwb56
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