AVG Vs Norton 360 or other anti-virus programs

Hi everyone,

I need to get a really good anti-virus program because it's the most important thing for a computer. I am probably going to use Norton 360 that I have in my house but I don't know how stable/good it is. Also, I've heard that AVG is wonderful but I don't really want to buy it, I rather download the free version.

Can I run Norton 360 and the free AVG version at once?

What if I only use Malwarebytes Anti Virus?

What is the best free anti-virus program?
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  1. NO,it is not a good idea to have to antivirus programs running at the same time!
  2. If you are looking at a free solution there is nothing better than Avira for me. Its detection rate is almost as good as any paid AV out there.

    And if you are looking for some extra protection then Avast is also a good one.

    Just couple it Comodo Firewall (free) and its a good solution.
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