Program Access Control Software?

Scenario: I have two people that want to use the same profile. One is a trusted computer user, one isnt. One of them is constantly getting virus's on the computer and finding crap games and is placing them on the computer, and one of them isn't.

Goal: What I am looking to do is find a program that will require a person to put in a PW whenever they want to run/access a program that ends in EXE, COM, .jar, ECT.....; however, I want to be able to set up a trusted program list so some programs don't ask for such.

Side Notes: I am running Windows XP Pro on this computer. Ideally, the user who doesn't cause problems would never notice anything was added to the computer. Multiple limited user accounts do not work very well, as most modern malware can install itself to a profile. Also, I want to be able to add programs to a "allow list" without too much difficulty. I would really like to be able to use free software for this task, or something that is very affordable. ****I really don't want to place Windows Vista/7 on this computer, so please do not bring it up as a solution.****
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  1. I think you would have to create two users. One as admin and the other as what you can say "Not so admin"!
  2. The ultimate solution is to educate the person that is using the computer in an undesirable way.

    As hell_storm2004 mentioned having a non admin account is a start but you may also want to consider using some sandboxing method like Sandboxie.
  3. Wow... that is an interesting software. Maybe i'll take a look at it as well. Does it work for Win7 64bit?
  4. hell_storm2004 said:
    Wow... that is an interesting software. Maybe i'll take a look at it as well. Does it work for Win7 64bit?

    The installer for the current version (3.54) certainly suggests that it will.
  5. Ideally I would setup non-admin accounts for each person--Let me explain though why this is a problem.

    User 1(good user) is my father. He can use the computer pretty well and is typically trying out different pieces of software that can be trusted. However, he is very forgetful and one who cannot be trusted to log off the computer when user 2 wants to use it..

    On the other hand, User 2 (My younger brother) is a stupid idiot who really shouldn't be let on the computer but is by the powers that are not me.... He is obsessed with flash games and more often then not acts before he thinks. Ive tried....Ive really tried to teach that insufferable kid Internet safety---Okay, so not Internet safety but how to keep the computer from being messed up but he doesn't listen.

    Eventually I'll end up buying a computer for my father to use, and then if my brother messes up the other computer, I can tell him "That's too bad."

    Ill look into the sandbox...But I am not quite sure if that will fit the scenario above. My fathers software needs to stay on the computer when he installs it, and my brothers stuff needs to go away when he gets off.

    Im really looking for some sort of software that places a password on installing/running, or downloading stuff.
  6. I can understand what you are looking for but I'm not sure if exists so I can only really think of workarounds.

    You could force your brother to use a VM image instead perhaps? Any changes he makes on the VM will not affect the XP install. He'll be alright using Ubuntu if he's just browsing random sites and playing flash games.
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