Warranty Void if RMA without front cover? ATI X1900 XTX

Hey, I have a liquid cooling setup in my pc. I just got a new 24 inch gateway monitor, and am using dual monitors now. But my card is acting up. I don't think it's drivers, as I've uninstalled and re-installed different versions. My screens randomly shut off and disables one at a time, and distort the text, even when booting before windows starts. So I'm pretty sure it's the video card.

I removed the front cover and added 8 heatsinks, so I could add liquid cooling to the video card. But I don't have the front cover anymore.

I want to return it through RMA to get a new card, but I'm wondering if anyone know if they would still accept it.

Please get back to me asap. Thaks.
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  1. Nope. What did you do with the front cover???
  2. Is your card actually manufactured by ATI, or is it Sapphire, HIS, Powercolor, or another brand? Either way it's likely that your warranty won't cover it without the heatsink.
  3. Yea if the card isn't RMAed looking the same as it did when it first arrived, you probably voided your warranty. Hell, companies like Intel and AMD void your warranty if you use a third party cooler with their CPU's, so GPU's that have had their builtin HSF's removed are pretty much out.
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