Cleaning an AMD X2/heatsink/fan

Hey, all. Bit of an odd question here... my roomie's cat decided to spray a desktop I was in the middle of upgrading. The processor, copper heatsink, and fan are crusted with feline urine. This happened a week ago. My roomie decided not to tell me about it until now. A friend suggested using Q-tips and 50% hydrogen peroxide to clean the parts, but this doesn't sound too savvy. Anyone have any ideas, or is this processor a goner?
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  1. You're going to need something polar, like water, to dissolve the urine, with all that urea etc in there. Thus, no problem cleaning the hs. As for the fan, I'd try to wipe it with wet paper towels, or just buy a new one. Similarly, I'd clean off the CPU with wet paper towels -- just don't dunk it in water, as water might leak inside the heat spreader. If any contacts look corroded afterwards, toss the CPU.
    I'd actually be most worried about the MB, because you don't want to get water inside the capacitors etc, but I don't see any way to clean it off other than hosing it down. I'd buy a new MB.
  2. i've heard that rubbing alcohol is good for cleaning motherboards. i wouldnt overdo it but i guess it would be worth a shot. it'll clean well and will definately dry fast. i'm not so sure i'd try it on the cpu tho.
  3. Mondoman and Drew 455, your suggesstions saved my desktop. I used 2 parts 70% rubbing alcohol and 1 parts distilled water and q-tips/soft toothbrush to scrub the motherboard clean. Everything else was wiped spotless. The processor is fairly untouched, and has no signs of corrosion. She booted up fine and there are no signs in instability or overheating. Thanks, guys!
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