Wifi Vista to Ethernet XP?

I have a Vista laptop that connects to my wireless connection. I've another laptop with XP that doesn't have a wifi card and I'm trying to connect it to the internet through my vista laptop and an ethernet cable. Is it even possible?
I've been trying by using ICS changing the LAN TCP/IPv4 to manual. I've manage to send and receive through ping but when I finish setting up the LAN the wireless connection on my Vista laptop messes up.
Whenever I check on the XP laptop it says limited connectivity. I've read a couple of articles and posts of other people with similar issues but everything I've tried seems to fail or isn't exactly as what I'm trying to do.
I appreciate all help given.
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  1. Have you remembered to disable firewalls on both machines while setting up ?
  2. Ok, I didn't try turning off the firewalls before. I disabled the firewall in the XP laptop and made norton internet security trust the ip that I set up in the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) in Vista. Hopefully I won't have to disable the Firewall in Vista laptop since that's where I keep all my documents.
    I'm getting an error when I try activating the ICS after setting an IP and Gateway in TCP/IPv4 (The Setting cannot accept control messages at this time).
    If I leave the Obtain an IP address automatically, the ICS will work and show no error, but the wireless internet connection in the Vista laptop will stop working.
  3. You only have to temporarily disable firewall. Once ICS is in place, re-enable and the firewall will accept the new connection.

    I'm surprised you've had to alter TCP/IP settings as the Windows Network Wizard should deal with all that.

    In the end we stopped using ICS because it was a bit flaky (though that may have been a hardware issue). Instead got a router which could serve two or more computers in place of the single outlet USB modem supplied by ISP. That is a more satisfactory solution and costs peanuts these days -- the router was $2 at a flea market.
  4. Well I dunno about the network wizard since there is no option for what I want in there (vista) and the XP one doesn't work on vista...closest one is ad hoc(wireless).
    Wow nice deal with the router... I have one and I can connect the XP laptop to the internet in the office where the router is. But sometimes I take the laptop the my room and would like to have both of them with working internet at my room.
    I have no wifi card on the laptop, no money for an adapter, and was looking for a way to deal with this easily and free while I'm able to save some money. I'll give the no firewalls a try later since I'm probably going to be kind of busy this whole week and won't be home most of the time. I'll reply with the results. Thank you btw.
  5. Sorry it took me so long to answer back and thanks for all your help.
    I did try turning off the firewalls but the same problem pops up. I loose my wireless internet connection on the vista laptop. I guess it's trying to connect to another network since it says Connecting to Uknown Network adapter, or something similar. Got any more tips?
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