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Windows 7 Pro Memory Size

Hey, everyone.

I'm wondering if it's normal for Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, to take up 51 GBs of space after just being installed.

Here's my background:

I just installed a copy of Windows 7 Professional to my SSD.

I was running Windows 7 Home Premium on the same SSD before, but decided to upgrade to Pro because I got more RAM.

But, for some really lame reasons, I ended up having an issue and reformatted and re-install the Pro version 3 times today. I reformatted by installing Windows 7 Pro from the disk and "deleting" the SSD partition when selecting a location to install.

It works now and appears stable.

However, Windows 7 Pro is now consuming almost 51 GBs of my 60 GB SSD.

I'm assuming my reformatting went bad somewhere? Selecting all of the files on the drive also says that there's only 12.9 GBs of data.

Any suggestions? Do I need to reformat and re-install again? Was I not reformatting my SSD correctly to begin with?

Any help with this would be great! Sorry for the long message, too.
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  1. Try deleting the restore points.
  2. Just tried deleting the restore points. No love. After getting current with Windows updates, I'm down to a sad 3.39 GBs left. :(

    Is this a reasonable amount of space for Windows 7 Professional to take up? Newegg told me it was only 20 GBs. I assumed maybe it'd bloat to 40 max.
  3. Did you disable hibernation and pagefile. If you have large ram, those file will eat up your space.
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    Change the windows swap file from C: drive to any other drive and also adjust the system restore disk space usage on the C: drive to some thing like 1gb. Use ccleaner ( regularly to clean unwanted files on your system.Also delete the hibernation file on the C: drive using "Ultimate Windows Tweaker" This Should solve your problem :sol:
    I too use Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1 and my C: partition only has 35GB out of it 15 Gb is free!!> You should try to install big programs like Abobe CS5 master collections, Maya etc on other drive make that a habit. :)
  5. Thanks for the help, everyone! Every suggestion helped a little.

    Poornaprakash, your suggestion to move the pagefile from the C: drive to my D: drive was the biggest help, though. I followed the steps below and it cleaned up over 20 GBs off my C drive!

    Seriously, thanks again, everyone. You were a big help.

    If anyone else asks, Windows 7 Professional, SP 1, with all Windows Updates as of 08/14/2011 installed and CCleaner and Google Chrome (both of which don't like to be installed to any drive other than your C: Drive) should take up almost exactly 30 GBs.
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