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Hi i Have Question about Radio Streaming Broadcasting, i own my radio station and a whon to lunch on internet bot i have problem, and the problem is on Limitesen

i dont wanna limit only for 500 People to listen my radio. i whona more than 500 listener people to listen my stadion for
example 5.000 people to listen my radio

What Equipment software service do i need for my radio station do

can someone help me

and name thos equipment hardware and other tools thinks what i need to start internet radio station with no limitation and good quality sound streaming Broadcasting

{[ Name the tools like what name Software service storage GB And so on Please Help me

Thank you..
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  1. Sure, you could create your own streaming system, but it will likely be cheaper in the long run to use a streaming service. I have no experience with any of these services, but a quick search on Internet Radio Services will provide you with several services you can check out.

    The thing that you did not mention is how you are paying for the services (just your local advertisers?), and how you are going to keep track of songs played and how many Internet listeners were tuned in so you can stay legal with the song royalties. A service can keep track of those details for you if you wish.
  2. i will have over 10.000 to 25.000 a Day listeners Donation and advertis is how im gonna pay for may service this radio is International and is gonna be broadcast i have listeners more than 25 countries This Radio is more Talk Show and is gonna play songs music too..
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