Can I Raid two different 320Gb hard drives? WD/Sea Gate?

Can I raid a 320Gb Western digital hard drive and a 320Gb Sea Gate? Or do they have to be exactly the same?

What exactly are the benefits to raid 0 my hard drives anyway?Faster gaming and virus scans?
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  1. raid 0 isnt picky about brands... however it is ideal for them to have identical specs, so one hdd doesnt bottleneck the other(s)

    as far as possible benefits, its more subjective than anything... if youre dealing with transferring large files between hdds, constant hdd accessing/thrashing, media editing of large files, running synthetic benchmarks, or even rebooting a lot, then raid 0 will shine more... most other uses will show much less improvement, if any... the downsides though, is that there is a very real possibility of data/raid array corruption (even if all youre doing is overclocking), and a possibility of data loss due to a failing hdd in the array... in any case, having regularly updated backups of valuable data is essential (even without raid 0 being used)
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