If you have Speccy problems with graphic card temps

hello all, i have posted at speccy fourms about speccy not showing my graphic card temps. so i asked if their was any news and this is what i get

fpresiado, on 07 June 2011 - 02:01 AM, said:
any news to wither the 6950 and up will be supported? because the new one was release but still no support.

The more .speccy reports that the developers get (see your quoted message) the faster this can be looked into.

if any of you have problems as i do cannot see your graphic card temps please go to the link provided below and reply with this message

i to have this problem (your graphic card name and model and OS version and bit type.) example below

i to have this problem ati 6950 Windows 7 x64 bit

get a copy of your .speccy file, zip it (not rar) and sent it to MrRon.

please people i really need this. yes i know their are other software that shows tems but i dont want to open more than one program just to get my results speccy does it all. i dont need replys saying i can use this software to see my graphic card temps. i already know which i can use. thanks all

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  1. Did you ever try this one?
  2. yup i tried it before says my processor is not supported
  3. yup tried this one to but i am talking about gpu not cpu. you see speccy beats both you have gave me, reason is because it shows my cpu gpu northbridge and hard drive temps. this is why i like speccy.
  4. yeah i tried those to their ok. i used to use hwmonitor but ever since i found about speccy never went back. thanks for the help tho.
  5. No Problem, i've been using speccy since the beta releases!
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