BFG 7900GS for CS = 100fps?

For some reason my fps doesn't stay constant on 100 and my friend said it should stay constant on 100 with my specs.

Comp Specs:
Intel Pentium D 805 2.66Ghz
1.5GB of DDR-3200 RAM
BFG 7900GS 256MB
Ultra 400-Watt
Windows XP Pro (SP2)
Nvidia Foreware 93.71 Driver
Flat 19 Inch CRT Monitor
1024x768 Resolution on 100Hz
Antialiasing Setting - Application-Controlled
Anisotropic Filtering - Application-Controlled
Image Setting - Quality
Vertical Sync - Off

Counterstrike 1.6- Settings
800x600 Resolution
fps_max 100
rate 25000
cl_cmdrate 101
cl_updaterate 101
-freq 100

Video card temp when playing is around 58-60.
I have 3 fans too cool my case, one on the front, one on the side, and one on the back.
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  1. 100FPS really doesn't matter since you can't tell the difference once it gets that high.

    Make sure your computer has enough free resources before you play, ie turn off background programs, maybe disable anti-virus, etc.

    You could also try restarting before you play to make sure your computer is running at it's best. How fresh is your windows install? An old install can def effect the computer's performance.
  2. Its very fresh...just reformatted 2 days ago. umm i can tell a big difference when my fps drops. Like I was in an awp_map server and I had 100 fps when I spawn but then when I went into battle I get like 40-100 fps and its real laggy. My ping is between 50-60.
  3. your problem is in your code.

    I get 90 fps in CS:S with a 1800gto

    change your code to this

    fps_max 99

    1.6 cant go higher then 100, it will flaot around 98.8 fps and 99.9

  4. yeh I did fps_max 100 too and it still drops big time. could it be my psu? I also have 2 cd is a dvd burner and the other is a cd burner.
  5. try fps_max 99
  6. new console command for the source engine

    fps_max 0

    It turns off the caps
  7. still doesnt work...could it be my psu?
  8. HAHA YOU guys are noobs.
    I have a evga geforce 7600 GT 256mb that i got from cc like 5 week ago for 1 dollar. but anyways that was a killer deal. but my fps is at 100 all the time. Just type fps max 999999 and change the rate to 20000. I also can get more than 100 fps if i put developer 1 i get around 300 constantly.
  9. and your are a *looks at thesaurus* rooster, just an inquiry, to the above user, are you at max settings and at what res? also, thanks for the small amount of help you provided.
  10. i am running at 1280 x 1024 @ 75 hertz LCD SAMSUNG. My specs is old.
    AMD ATHLON X2 4600+ 2.41 ghz
    ASUS A8N-SLI DELUXE socket 939 btw
    Kingston PC3200 2gb Dual Channel
    Maxtor sata II 200gb 8mb buffer
    Evga 7600 Gt PCI Express 16x
    Ultra X finity SLI ready 500 watt
    NEC DVD+rw
  11. Man.. your comp should easily handle 1.6 at those low settings and keep it at 100+.

    My old comp had a 9800proSE, 3.2Ghz prescott and would regularly stay over 100 (with developer 1)

    nVidia should have new drivers and stuff available so that you can get a hardware monitor. Keep that running and check what everything is at. If you see a lot of jumps (that don't coincide w/alt+tabs), then you might be lacking power to run everything.

    What type of PSU is it? Just some no-name or a decent brand?
  12. right now im running a ultra v-series 400watt and I just tested a ultra xvs 500watt with a 12v28 and i still get the big drops...could it be my motherboard? I have a intel motherboard.
  13. edit: sorry, posted before reading your last reply.

    replace -freq 100 with -dxlevel7 in your command line.

    PS. I run cs1.6 100fps solid on athlon xp 2800+@2.21ghz(177*12.5), 1gb RAM, bfg 6800gt oc and a thermaltake 430W psu.
  14. you do have your onboard video disabled... right?
  15. yup.
  16. 1st it can either be the config file in steam that is mess up some how.
    2nd it can either be missing around with the setting in steam.
    3rd you have some virus/adware on your computer. There is no way in the world it can be your computer harddrive.
  17. A bad harddrive can totally contribute to slow computer performance.
  18. how about a hdd that is hot? can that lower fps/performance?
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