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i have a vista 32bit homepre w sp1 and am trying to fix it. it is my sisters computer. the problem is that anytime u try to execute a program including IE it opens up a prompt to which program to use and only allows IE. folders can be opened but especially .exe files tend to have this problem. if i rightclick and run as admin i can run them but i still get the popup for what i would like to open in but if i close out of that i can proceed. In the run menu i can't get msconfig or regedit to be found but i can find manually and run as admin to open them. I tried running to check for viruses and locked items with RRT, housecall, and hijack this but no luck. I also did an avg scan and also no results were found. if not a virus issue maybe a registry issue. The registry is one thing that im afraid to mess up. She has no recovery disc with her computer either she failed to make it when she got the computer. Thanks in advance for any help i can get with this
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  1. Hi.

    Tyr THIS in safe mode.

    After that run Malwarebytes, CClerner and Spybot
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