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Does anybody know for some really good software that will convert mkv files to dvd and burn them? I am looking for something that will give me plenty of options and very good converting quality. Please help if you can. Thanks! :)
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  1. I actually have that software. Just never tried doing that. Thanks for the reply. :D
  2. You can try to use Leawo DVD Creator -
    This software can allow you to make DVD menu and then convert your video to DVD format and burn into DVD disc. Easy to use and fast.

    Or you can use Power Director -
    This software is a powerful video editor and DVD/Blu-ray Creator, included is the ability to add professional looking title sets and chapter navigation. A famous tool!

    Both of 2 are what I used to create DVD. If you just need to convert video to DVD format, I think you can choose the first one. If you need to edit your video, customize your DVD disc, you can use the second one.

    About Adobe Premiere, I really think this tool is so technical. It's a bit hard to handle it!
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