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I'm looking to setup My Desktop for Wireless finally and can't seem to find any articles that point me in the direction of what best suites me.

I have a Desktop Tower with the ASUS A8N-SLi Premium Motherboard.

If possible I'd like to use a Card can plug into the motherboard. If something else works better tho I'm interested in that as well. So far I have none of the equipment needed to setup a Wireless network though and a friend mentioned to me about a year ago Wireless N? Was the one to go with, but by now something else may be out that is faster?

Any help would be muc happreciated. Thanks
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  1. You're on the right track -- a PCI wireless card will always outperform a USB device, though the usual caveats about IRQ and DMA apply (I would always first disable in the BIOS any devices you don't use -- COM ports, parallel port if using USB printer, game port then restart the computer before attempting to install new hardware).

    If you are buying all new stuff you might as well go for the highest spec you can afford -- though I think you may find wireless N a bit disappointing and older G will easily cope with today's internet speeds.

    As for brand -- even the cheap unbranded stuff will work fine but you can rely on Netgear, Linksys, Dlink for lasting driver and firmware support.

    Most of the info you need for setting up will be in the manuals that come with the adapter and router. Netgear has a good user forum on its website.
  2. So should I look at something from Netgear with a datate transfer rate of 300 mbps? Or something else for a PCI Card Adapter?

    Is "n" only disappointing right now because nothing takes full advantage of it yet, but will eventually?

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