The connection was reset

After clicking the address from add bar the message comes specially when i keep here free blog address.Please answer me.
Thank you
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  1. Your message is not clear but from what I understood you mean you click on something and the page changes to a "Connection was reset" message. It happens sometimes when browsing some not so secure website or it is one that violates your specific country laws.

    Your connection probably has just been blocked, but it does not really differ from error 404. Some contries (COUGH!! china COUCH!!) show different error message than the current error was, just to kill any doubts that the gouvernement is hiding something from you. o-O

    Also that message can happen once in a while when loading any website. Most of the time a simple page reload (or F5 key) does load it correctly.
  2. ok to add to this post. I have done everything I can think of to stop from getting the connection was reset message. The only way I have found to get around it is to know the exact web address that I need to go to. When I try to do searches and what not it always says connection reset as well as when I click on a link from another window. So anytime I am trying to navigate away from the page I am on it does not allow me too. that being said I am sure numerous people are having the exact same issues. now I just downloaded a fix it thing for windows 7 and it went in and disabled everything that it feels may be blocking this stuff from happening it is called microsoft fixit the link is as follows

    which it did not work for me but may work for some of you give it a try and re-post letting me know thanks.
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