How do I recover mail lists on my Outlook Inbox

My mail list on my Outlook inbox has disappeared, how do I recover it please ??
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  1. Mail list as in your Contacts? Anything happen before this to make them disappear? Contacts are stored in the same place as your mail messages, in a .pst file on the computer. If you deleted Contacts and there is no backup of the file, you can try to do a system restore to a date before they disappeared.

    Contact may be in a .pab file if you use an Address Book instead of the Contacts in Outlook. Your ISP may have the contacts also on the server, try accessing your account through their email web portal.
  2. Hi friend,

    You can easily recover outlook emails.Outlook data gets corrupted very easily.Sometimes you may accidentally deleted the emails along with unwanted emails,sometimes due to virus attacks the emails get corrupted,due to hard drive corruption, PST file corruption, power shutdowns and many other reasons.It all such cases you can easily recover emails by using a good email recovery software. Email recovery software supports all versions of Outlook. For more information you can check the link: can easily download the free trial version of email recovery software.
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