Printing from a mac, to a Canon i560 connected to a PC over a network

I have a imac with osx leopard installed on it, and a pc with Windows XP SP2 installed. I have managed to share an internet connection and i am able to share files, although this was purely and utterly luck. Now, i have a Canon i560 connected up to the PC. I am able to print from the PC to the printer, but when on the mac, i cannot find it on the network. :( Is there some settings i have to change to get this to work? When i try to add a printer on the mac, in the Windows Printer tab, it says 'PC' but when i click on it there were no printers. I have read some articles talking about Unix or SMB/CIFS but i have absolutely no idea what these things do or how to implement them. PLEASE HELP. It is very annoying have to share a file i want to print over to the pc and then print it from there.

Please just say if you need any more infomation.... i have no idea what info will be needed

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  1. What you do dude, go to printer setup utility, if you are not sure where that's at, it's in Macintosh HD, Applications, Utilities. It will be in that folder. What you do, go into that app, click the tab on the top that says IP printing, and then find out the IP address of your printer. When you find it, enter it into the address box on Printer setup utility on your mac, a lot of them then will detect what kind of printer it is, and all is well, otherwise, go to the bottom and select the make/model of your printer, if it's not in there you may need to download them. But that should take care of it for you. On the machines at work we use, we do all Macs, so get to do those setups a lot. It's actually pretty easy once you get used to it.
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