can this pc support X1650XT AGP? or should i get a 7600GT?

the specs for my dell dimension 8200 are:

Pentium 4 2.26
768MB of RD RAM (ram slot full)
Current display: Geforce MX420 64MB
1 AGP 4x slot
Power Supply: around 200+ (dell's stock psu)

WinXP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 2
Direct X 9.0C

I am not planning to switch to a new PCIE motherboard/new PC at the moment because of budget reason.
my current list of games (hoping that i can play by switching to new graphics card) are: Oblivion, Titan Quest:I.T, Quake 4, C&C3TW, etc. I only hope to have a smooth and massive-lag-free gameplay for some latest titles (no need for extra fast or cutting edge graphics).

1)is my PC specs n power supply good enough to support the card? assuming that i can't return the card after buying. I am planning to get a HIS X1650XT IceQ Turbo 256MB AGP cos after much researching, overall, it perfoms a little better than a 7600GT in the same price range, which is my budget price range. (pls correct me if i am wrong)

2)if my power isn't enough for the HIS card, what power supply i should get? i did not use any other nice cards nor i use any USB power periperals. all i have beside graphics is a sound blaster live and an ethernet.

4)please advice on any other matter, thanks

thanks alot for your time and sorry for my bad english and hope that u can help me out.. ^_^
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  1. Well you really need to upgrade your power suply a fortron 400pnf or a spire rockeTeer II Real 400W should do the job. The graphics card any of those 2 should do the job they trade blows in various games i would recomend getting 1gb of ram. I hope my post was useful.
  2. I would suggest to get the 7600GT. From my experience it works better for older configs. I doubt that you will be able to play Oblivion though. If not for the vga card, the rest of your system will betray you. Before you buy any PSU, test your system with the new vga. There should be a 300W psu in there, check out the specs of your machine at Dell's page.
    If it isn't enough, check out this list for a good PSU.
    Good luck :D
  3. cristip60: keep in mind Dell motherboards are not compatible with regular ATX power supplies.

    venton: If it is a 200 watt power supply, I have my doubts it would be able to handle a 1650.

    You might have to get a beefier dell PS.
  4. Thanks for the info bridonca i don't really have any information about oem pc builders. And after some research i would recomend getting the x1650xt because it is as powerful as the 7600gt but the his iceq turbo cooling is very good and silent and with youre cpu you allready are bottlenecking the gpu and it won't really make that much of a diference between the two.
  5. That list of games sounds like an XBox 360 is your best answer...

    That P4 with 512 RAM is going to bottleneck anything you want to run. Used Xbox Premium systems are $260... get one.

    I actually have the HIS X1650XT IceQ Turbo card you're talking about and it's great.... on an Opteron 165 media center box I have...
  6. If you plan to play Oblivion, the X1650 XT is the obvious choice over a 7600 GT.
  7. Agreed on the 1650 being the better choice. It's very power efficient, but might be overkill for the processor... you'll likely be processor bottlenecked on any option you decide.
  8. The 8200 has a 250w psu (underrated by Dell)
    I have a Dell with the 305w psu (good for just about 400w)
    22amps on the 12v rails

    If your card says 350w + you might want a better psu.
    here is a possible replacement (upgrade):
    this one to replace what you have now:

    here's your tech specs:
  9. I think your power supply doesn't have enough power.

    I was doing some searches on the Internet and found that Direct Canada has some PC Power & Cooling that work with Dell machines.

    I know it's in Canada and everything but just to give you an idea. It says select Dell models only. So, you'd need to contact Dell technical support OR look at their web site to see what's compatible with it.

    My HIS X1650 XT iSilence II I bought from works pretty well.
  10. thanks for the replies. i appreciate all the help.

    after looking at your replies, I think now i may consider buying a 7600GT as in most forums i discovered that almost 100% of the people who tries to installs a 7600GT AGP into their old dell PC (dimension 8000 range) were end up in success. they no need even to replace the psu as the stock psu's power is enough to support the card.
    and i reckon the 1650XT (especially the HIS iceQ turbo with cooling fan that i mentioned) might require more power than a 7600GT. It will be an added cost if i need to replace the psu and more over the dell power supply is very difficult for me to get in my country. :cry:

    hopes that i can get a new system soon and i think this is my last upgrade for my old dell pc
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