Can't do Vista Aero because my Laptop Card sucks...

Is it possible to get (even through a download-please make sure its safe :)) something that will allow me to get some of the feature of aero?? My video card should be able to get 128mb vRAM (Through Driver Updates-none work with Vista for my Card), but even that wont work because Vista wants 512mb. I want some of the fade in face out and the top bar glassy look :).

BTW-Windows 7 Wont work either because there are no Video Card drivers for 7.... Im really stuck :(... Lost my XP disk so I'm using a Dell Vista--hacked because the key that i have wont work :(.

My Laptop is the oldie:
HP dv1000
P4 1.6GHz
82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics

Is there a way that i can download SP2 other than MS, and i dont want to be directed to Microsoft, for some reason anytime i try to get something from one of their sites, it cant conect :(...

Thanks Ahead! :)
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  1. Just to clear up any misconceptions you might have, i paid for the disk for a computer that broke down anyways so that if windows failed, id have a backup... It was cheap(er) and so i went ahead and bought it. Now the keys wouldn't play well-HP Laptop with a Dell Disk/Key- (Tried for weeks.... And Microsoft service is evil :)) so i hacked it ;). Anyone know why i cant connect to windows updates (Couldn't even before i hacked it)?? I have this little evil guy: Windows Update error 80072efd and i want to update!!! :)
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