Installation Extremely Slow - Hangs during Expanding Windows vista Files

Hello, my computer crashed so i am trying to re install windows vista 32 bit back onto my machine. the computer is a dell inspiron 530 and i have the original vista cds that came with the machine. I pressed f12 and i rebooted it from the cd i got to the expand windows files but it has been on 0% for the last 2 hours. is this normal? or does anyone know what the problem is? thanks
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  1. If you wish to reinstall Vista, place the CD in its drive and reboot.
    Be sure your BIOS shows the CD drive as the first boot device.
  2. 2 hours expanding files is not normal., try rebooting and try again, make sure you disk is clean. could be some dirt on it, or maybe just the disk out and replacing it back in again will allow your optical drive to read data from the place where it stopped....

    if that does not work,,try to update your bios.. try another dvd drive.
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