is this an ok 3d 05 score?

system specs as follows

C2D E6300 stock
XFX GF 7900GT stock
Gigabyte DS 3
Corsair XMS 2GB MEM

3D Mark Score 8855

gona do the o/c later today and see the diffrence..anyone with similair machines whats ur score?
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  1. I just built a system with:

    e4300 (2.7 GHz)
    2 GB Patriot Extreme
    XFX 7900GS

    My stock 3DMark05 was around 8500. I overclocked the 7900GS to 600/1860 and my 3D score went to about 10100. I'm getting around 74c temps at full load.

    Hope that helps.
  2. 74c ouch.
  3. That's 74c for the GPU, not CPU. From what I've read 74c isn't that hot for a GPU, especially considering it's overclocked and using the stock fan.
  4. AMD 64 3200+ 2,2g
    2GB RAM
    eVGA 7950 GX2

    I scored 9785.

    And im still thinikng it´s not good enough
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