like to add a second wireless router with no WEP

Need help setting up a Wireless router at a dentist office who already has internet access and WEP on their location to access their network, etc. for their employees.

They'd like to add a wireless internet option for patients in the waiting room and not require WEP...just an open connection for surfing the web while they wait.

Is there a way to piggy-back the one-single internet connection to provide two SSID's on site (one that is secure and one that isn't?)

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  1. I don't guarantee this will work so experiment if you can.

    Try borrowing a spare wireless router (or buy an old one at a flea market) and connect it to the first by ethernet.
    Disable DCHP in the second router and select an IP address which does not clash with the first's. Give the second router a different SSID.

    Obviously disable wireless security in the second router and choose a different wireless channel. Select an SSID which is self explanatory to casual users.

    Locate the router away from windows to reduce stray signal, unless you want to host every freeloader in the neighbourhood. If you select wireless router which has a power control on the wireless you will again reduce needless coverage.
  2. I have connected the 2nd router via ethernet. I provided a new SSID. I have disabled the WEP. I have given it a new IP address, but I'll still need DHCP turned on, right (for the users). I can see it and connect to it....but can not access the web.....maybe a DNS issue?
  3. yes... you need dhcp. there might be a bridging setting.
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