My computer restarts itself when it starts up

Hi my home PC computer keeps restarting and its getting on my nerves. When it loads up to the welcome and sometimes to the desktop it restarts and does that till the blue screen comes up. I recently had a rouge virus and then when I took out the malware windows work perfectly then I restarted it and went down hill from there. When it goes to the blue screen it says "Program tdids.sys is causing the problem" I deleted the file and it works fine.... but I restarted it and it came back. I did all this with my connection off. I hope I was detailed enough.
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  1. Oh and Firefox keeps poping up a page on google with brackets {} and numbers, ill write them down the next time it happens.
  2. Here few steps you need follow to make sure you computer not crashing again,

    1) log into safe mode
    2) scan full with any good antivirus find here more infomation about top antivirus in the market -
    3) after you scan up with antivirus into all hard disk, you must install registry cleaners and scanning your registry windows in safe mode again
    4) last thing you need to do it's install anti-spyware tools, that tools kick your pops, spyware, etc
    read here for more information and how to protect your computer -

    If you any other problems let me know,

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