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Mozilla has now released the final build of Firefox 5.0 and the official release of browser is expected on June 21. Firefox 5 Final can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux in various languages, will not bring any GUI changes instead the design interface will be almost same as Firefox 4. This latest stable version offers more stability and improvements than the former test builds and also most of the Add-ons seems to be incompatible with Firefox 5. Firefox 5 looks identical to its predecessor and only visible change is the addition of a “Do Not Track” features which, if turned on nforms websites not to collect any information from the user. You can enable this feature by going into Firefox menu > Options > Privacy tab > select “Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked“. There are also other improvements, in the security and rendering field. There’s for example, improved HTML 5 support and the browser still scores 97/100 on the Acid3 test. At he beginning of Firefox 5′s development cycle, some possible features surfaced, such as the ability to pin sites onto the Windows 7 taskbar and built-in PDF reader.

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  1. Wasn't 4.0 just released a few months ago? Wow that was fast for 5.0!

    And for "faizanshakyboy", I have used Chrome, it is not as intuitive as Firefox. Nor have I found add-on support like you find for Firefox. I am not giving up my ability to download videos from sites like YouTube. But I still use Chrome from time to time to help make it difficult for sites to track what I do on other sites.
  2. Runs Smooth........A+
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