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I cannot get into my Hotmail acct. First it told me it was blocked due to suspicious activity. I tried to change and reset my PW so much that I am uncertain what is currently valid. I filled out the questionnaire, but was told that it appears that I am not the owner of this acct. I can think of only 2 reasons for this: (1) the info of email subjects that I proveded was taken from my wife's Window's Live. (She sweeps my Hotmail acct into her WL.) I do not have a WL acct. Perhaps there is a disconnect between the old emails she has on her computer and what is currently in Hotmail. (2)When I originally signed up for my Hotmail acct, I may have given my birthday as Jan 1, 1900. If 1900 was not one of the choices, I would have selected the year closed to 1900. When I answered the Qs now, I probably gave my real b-day. HELP! HELP! HELP!
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  1. If your wife can get into your Hotmail account using WL, have her go in and while there, change the PW to something you can remember, or install Thunderbird and have it authenticate you using her WL credentials.

    You said you were born in 1900?? They may be considering you quite dead by now.

    anyone else??

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