How to update drivers w/o internet or driver CD?

I'm honestly clueless on how I update my network driver and System Management Control drivers since I have no internet (My network driver doesn't work properly), when I get my internet working I can update the other driver.
From what I've seen I have a NVIDIA nForce network card, but on NIDIAs site there are several different drivers to chose from. I have no idea what to chose, and I don't know what my motherboard is, if it's even based on what motherboard you have.

NOTE: In the settings for the network driver "Flow control" is disabled, will enabling this solve the network problem and then I can update the drivers through Vista?

Do you need any more info? My OS is Vista 32bit.
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  1. I downloaded the Modem driver from Acer's home page for my model, but there are folders like x86, AMD64, and info file and two .cat files. Any ideas?
  2. if there is no setup or something similar right click the .inf and hit install
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