Problems with Lexmark Universal Printer Driver (UPD 1.5)

We have several Lexmark printers in our company. And installation/settings of/for the printer are send as a package automacticlly without user interaction. Unfortunaly the new Universal drivers from Lexmark (and HP) gives us a lot of troubles. Fx. a Lexmark E460dn installed with Universal Printer Driver 1.5. is installed with the name "Lexmark Universal" and when you later plug in a Lexmark E323 it is also installed as a "Lexmark Universal". Then we don't know what printer is actually installed and settings can't be distributed. All information on the workstation/server (eventlog / spooldir / AD etc. ) seems to be "wrong" - it only contains the info "Lexmark Universal".

So ... smart guys (and girls) ... anybody who knows a program/tool/scrips ... something.... that in an easy way can communicate directly with the printer and returning some info. (I know the info is "in" the printer because when plug in the printer in the pc - you got 2 popup's. One with the correct printername (Lexmark E460dn) and another one with general printername (Lexmark Universal).
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  1. Try with the specific drivers for the printer, don't install the universal driver.
  2. Hi Saint19. Thx for input. The problem is that we have a lot of documents/templates with hardcoded PCL-commands. The specific drivers are only avaible in PCL6 (and PS) and to translate the PCL-commands I need PCL4/5 which is only included in the UPD-driver.
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