Help with Linksys Router.

alright, this is seems like a simple task.. modem>router>pc/xbox360

but. i go to set up my router, follow the instrustions on the cd and then it says it cannot connect or tells me to turn my modem off and on again. so i do that and i get the same thing.

please any help.

i have a Linksys Wireless G Home Router - WRH54G
my ISP is Cogeco - im from canada.
and all im trying to do is hook up my internet through a router to give both my xbox360 and computer internet access instead of switching back and forth all the time.

thanks in advanced for any help .
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  1. Is it DSL or Cable? I have cable, which was easy but my daughter has DSL, which was a pain
  2. oh yea... sorry... cable. i have cable.
  3. Try recycling your modem. Unplug for a couple of minutes then plug it back in. While you're doing that, reset the router to the default settings, should be a button on the back. Then try to set up the network again. Precisely follow the directions, e.g., do not plug anything in until directed
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