No CD/DVD Driver Available ???

I have never attempted to burn a CD/DVD of photographs until just recently and when I do I get the message...."No Cd/DVD Drive Available". I am using a Compaq CQ50-142US laptop and have been able to burn both CD's and DVD's in the past with no problem. I use Photoshop Elements 7 for all of my photo storage and editing and have followed the instructions given for burning a CD/DVD but can't get any further . Any and all help will be greatly appreciated !
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    Your CD drive driver is located at c:\windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys
    Check your Device Manager
    Is your CD drive listed there?
    Can you read data from your CD drive?
  2. I took my laptop to a local repair shop and was told that my burner was shot. The tech has always been straight up and has made several repairs at no charge and was even going to GIVE me another burner but as it turned out he didn't have the proper kind. So......I went to one of the big chain electronics store and purchased an HP External 22x Multiformat DVD Writer,and was able to burn my photos to a DVD with no trouble ! Thanks Gandalf for sharing your knowledge !
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