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Solution for vertical blue and white lines on laptop screen

Hello,I am using HP-laptop and I am facing the problem of vertical lines (blue and white)often for the past 5 months. what is the problem and give me the solution. Till I have not approached anybody regarding this problem.
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    I assume you having graphical artifacts caused (probably) by heating problems.

    Please monitor the temperature of your graphic card.
    If you overclocked the graphic card (less likely, but still) - restore the clocks of your card to default values.
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    Same thing happened to me 3 weeks ago and fortunately i found excellent solutions here-

    I suggest that you also try their service.

    All the best,


    What I'm dying to know is if you have ever opened the case on a computer you own or if you instantly contact supporttrix like if your Caps Lock key is engaged and you need help unengaging it.
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