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I have a WD Raptor 150 as my system Drive (Windows XP SP2) and it works pretty fine.
Last week I bought two Samsung Spinpoint 166 and I decided to do some testings.

My motherboard is ASUS P5W DH Deluxe (bios version 2004).

What I'm trying to accomplish is the following:

1) I want to keep the WD Raptor as my system drive and I wish don't have to reinstall OS on it.

2) I want to use the Intel(R) RAID option to set both Spinpoints as RAID

Steps I took and unfortunately didn't work.

1) In the motherboard I let the WD Raptor connected in the SATA 1 connector.
2) I connected the Spinpoints in SATA 3 and SATA 4 connectors.
3) I formatted both Spinpoints (Both are working fine)
4) I rebooted the machine and accessed BIOS. I changed the IDE Configuration - Configure SATA as [Standard IDE] to RAID. Saved and exit.
5) During the re-start I pressed <Crtl + I> and I could enter in the Intel Matrix Storage Manager
6) I chose Create RAID Volume, RAID Level: RAID0 (Stripe), Selected both Spinpoints, Strip Size 128KB, Capacity (here I chose the default which was the full capacity of both drives, something around 940GB), and
the created the RAID volume
7) During the re-start, bios and POST goes fine and within 2 seconds after the process to start windows begins, a blue screen shows pretty fast and machine reboots again, bios and POST goes fine and more 2 seconds I have another blue screen, and this repeats..

I confirmed that the boot drive is the Raptor in the BIOS but at this point it showing a prefix RAID in the raptor name.
I entered again in the Intel Matrix Storage and both Spinpoints are showing as a RAID Disk and the Raptor as non Raid Disk

Anyone has any tips ?

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  1. You can do what you want, but your current installation of Windows needs to have the storage system driver changed to the Intel storage system driver instead of the generic IDE driver it's currently using. Essentially, Windows believes you're starting up from a different storage controller.

    You will need to follow a slight modification of the procedure at the top of the forum labeled "Switching Storage Controllers without Reinstalling Windows". Specifically, you won't be creating a RAID for the startup volume, you'll still be using a single disk (the Raptor). But the storage driver has to change no matter what.

    An alternative is to use a different SATA controller for the Raptor that you already have drivers installed for (I don't know if there is a second SATA controller on your motherboard or not, but if there is, this is an easier procedure).
  2. Thanks SomeJoe7777. I'll try tonight. Right now I'm working and when I arrive home I'll try. Thanks again !
  3. Make sure you back up any and all important data before you begin, as specified in the procedure. The procedure is complex, and there's many things that can go wrong that are unforseen. Don't risk your data.
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