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Inicio.exe can not find VCL50.BPL

it appered I had my computer was infected and my Panda was out of date so I purchased the new 2010 version of Panda and now when I boot my computer I keep getting the error message that(pop up message box) Inicio.exe can not find VCL50.BPL and apvxdwin.exe can not find VCL50.BPL and it keeps telling me that if I reinstall it this should fix it. HELP
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    Make sure you still have the installation files for Panda 2010.
    Download and run the uninstaller for Panda. Once the uninstaller completes you must restart the computer for changes to take effect.

    After the reboot, run the Panda 2010 install to repair your current version then do another restart.

    You'll find the Panda uninstallers download in these links:

    Uninstaller for Panda 09:
    Uninstaller for Panda 10:

    Does this help?
  2. Thanks so much ,,, it worked like a charm
    every thing is back to normal

    Thank you
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