New build Start up problems, help please :(

Hey there, long time since ive been here.

Just built a new Thermaltake Liquid Cooling system.

So everything was connected and all and I pressed the power button, and all good sounding, blue power led light lit up in the from, hard disk spinning, cd drive seems to have power, all case fans are led blue and spinning, the pump powered up and the liquid with through the tubes with no problem.

Now the problem is, is that it starts, and everything seems to be on and running, but when i plug in the Monitor to the graphics card nothing appears on the screen, the monitor throughs up a orange led light.

So my first thing to do was take out the graphics card because the motherboard came with a built in one. So I took out the graphics card, and plugged the monitor into the motherboards socket for it, booted up and still the same blank screen.

Now the other thing is I have the keyboard plugged in also, and I know usually when a system powers up the lights flash on the keyboard but no lights are flashing on it at all.

It is as if the system is powering up but not going anywhere.

So does anyone have any idea whats going on??

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  1. Please post FULL spec, inc PSU make/model :!: Could be memory, CPU, motherboard or CPU. Try clearing BIOS. Try removing all but one memory module. Disconnect all drives.

  2. weee heee, thanks a million mke. I swichted one memory module to another memory slot and all is good.

    Thanks a million again.
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