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Can anyone give me a way to manually eliminate the xp2012 virus? Thanks!
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  2. Did you get rid of the virus , let us know !
  3. MiddleRy said:
    Can anyone give me a way to manually eliminate the xp2012 virus? Thanks!

    Reboot computer in safe mode, holding F8 while rebooting.
    Press start, than find system restore. Activate it.
    Enter a date prior to the infection.
    Let the program do the work.
    At the next reboot, system restore will have dealt with the virus.
    Good luck,

  4. Have fun man, that virus is a nasty one. I was able to clean it off a couple systems, but found that it broke the file associations when you remove it. Let us know if you need more help in case the system restore does not work. The last one I did, I used the ultimate boot cd for Windows, and manually removed it. But it broke all file associations when I rebooted in safe mode.

    Tried running a portable malware removal tool, but it the file association bug kept like self replicating, which meant that I had to use a file association fix from here.


    This is for vista, but worked in XP, assuming it would work in 7, but no guarantee. But I used the exe fix, it is compressed, and it's just a registry file. Extract it, then double click on it, it should allow the computer to again see .exe files as applications, at which point you should be able to install malwarebytes and remove it.
  5. Would you please tell us the full name of the virus?

    Because I found out many possible rogues: xp antivirus 2o12, XP antispyware 2012, xp security 2012, xp home security 2012...

    and here is one of site that I recommended (there is video about such fake security software)
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