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Wasn't sure which forum was most appropriate for this question, hope this is okay:

I regularly use Disk Cleanup, as you should, to help clean some of the 'junk' out of my system and free up space. However, there are a couple things listed here I do not understand and am not sure I should 'mess with'. Let me say first that I have used up 20gb of my hard drive. I know not much, but I just recently did a new install. In Disk Cleanup I am comfortable deleting everything, but for two areas. They are:
1) System queued Windows Error Reporting Files: 988mb
2) TWO listings for: Per user archived Windows Error Reporting Files: 78.3gb each. That's GIGAbytes, not megabytes!
I am wondering if I can safely delete #1. I think I can. But I don't see how I can delete #2. In the first place, I have only 'used up' 20 gb on my hard drive, so what is this anyway?? I'd like a definition of each and the green light or not to delete the files in each one. Thanks.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- U can delete the 1st item safely.
    2- Download and use Ccleaner, is a freeware software that clean all the junk of ur PC. What is the advantage of this?, this only delete files and junk that don't affect the normal function of the rig.

    Download CCleaner here
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