Should I skip this generation

Im sitting on a LGA 775 DDR2 system , but Im thinking of skipping lga 1155/56 DDR3, to a newer generation which supposedly will have newer sockets for CPU's and off course DDR4 ,but the problem is I don't know when that generation will come .What do you think ?
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  1. with the rate that techology is advancing? probably late 2013 to early 2014. most definitely before 2015.

    of course this is but an estimate. unless there is a press release on information there really is no other way to know.

    whether you wait or not depends on what demands you place on your system and if it is able to handle those demands for a bit longer.
  2. just...just do it if you have the money. if you have the money you should also take the risk of getting 1155 and having it outdating in the next couple years LOL! your choice
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