External HD - Computer not reading it after power failure!

This is my case:
I was watching a movie stored on my Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 External HD then i had a power failure in my house and everything turned off.. When i tried to turn on my HD again it made an unusual ticking sound like every second or so, the computer made the usual "usb device plugged in" sound but there was no drive and it wasn't reading it. I tried like 5 times and everything was the same.

I'd like to know if its completely damaged and all data was lost, or how to know that, or if its still there how to recover it.

I am really sad because I have like 180 GB of important data and personal stuff that i cannot replace. So if any one knows a solution please help me!
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  18. if it clicks like that it may be dead.
    your best bet is to open it up and try it in a computer, with any luck its just the power supply and the drives ok.

    If not then the drive is toast.

    Sorry for the bad news.

    Also.... Thats WAY too much bumping.
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  43. fool do not Press Submit 10-20 times (you probly be banned soon or at leaswarned)

    if its clicking its most likey Dead but like the other one posted take it apart and plug it into your PC (Inside it) or take it to an computer shop if your not sure

    if you manage to get it working Pull the data off it put it back in the box and test it agane

    if its dead its time to wipe out segates web site and get it RMA and thay giet you an new one
  44. Sometimes this problem caused if the controller of your hard drive is defected. The power failure probably caused the damage. I suggest you to find someone who has the same hard disk model number and swap the controllers. You know the controller is the card under the drive. There are some screws that hold it. Find a compatible screwdriver and give it a try. In the past i fixed many hard drives in that way. Of course there is a chance that track 0 on the platters surface or the head is defected. In that case you can't do anything except if you are willing to pay here is the website of ontrack who can do it.
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