XP3 suddenly developing Twliglight Zone malfunctions -- HELP PLEASE!!!

Hello all,

I've been running Wix Xp3 migrated to my 3rd homebuilt rig with minimal hassles so far. I'm currently using an EvgA NVIDIA Nforce 680i mobo with a QX6750 intel proc, 4gb OCZ PC9200 DDR2 ram and have enjoyed excellent system stability until 3 months ago with the mysterious failure of my 2 WD Veliciraptors in RAID 0 as boot drives. Unable to recover them, as a contingency I replaced them with a legacy HDD drive from an old 300GB WD drive from an elderly HP desktop with over 29000 hours of failure free operation as my root (boot) C: drive, with a 750gB Seagate as a JBOD for redundant storage / backup (all SATA).

The crisis I now face defies description or my capacity for solution. After physically relocating the desktop unit, with excruciating care in packaging and handling, I reactivated the unit expecting all would be copacetic. Instead, I was blindsided by the all-too-common "safe-mode-shows unexplained instant reboot after loading "mup.sys" indicating a problem with windows 32bit xp3 service/driver loading. After dozens of tries to break the mobius loop reboot cycle, i was finally able to access recovery console and ask for a checkdisk which reported finding and repairing errors.

Now for the Rod Cerling bit: WIndows XP3 now boots quickly, but its hideously crippled. User login is normal, as is startup, but there are a plethora of impnderble anomalies. Over 3/4 of installed apps are highlighted as "new software" items, most desktop icons for launching common apps like browsers, windows media player, wordpad, do NOTHING. Currently running apps appear in windows and task manager, but running apps/open windows/file folders NEVER show up in th taskbar at all, but can be switched to with alt-esc. Worst, I cannot copy/transfer files AT ALL using copy/paste/move to/etc/ from HDD to HDD, or window to window. Audio output is crippled, even though the drivers are all listed in audio properties control panel, I cant select any of them (like Realtek) HD audio out. In short, its like XP3's core functions are seriously impaired.

I am ADAMANT about not risking my massive volume of files and installed apps (29k hours of work on that aging C: drive) so a clean slate wipe or reinstall is out of the question.

My HUGE problem and desperate appeal for help is how can I repair windows xp3 WITHOUT losing my all important files and data, nor having to reinstall the oodles of apps I speant aeons configuring for this legacy drive???

Any and all suggestions/advice welcome and hugely appreciated in advance.

Beyond that, IF I can reconstruct the old C drive with XP3 restored to fuctionality, how do I reformat my dysfunctional RAID 0 Velociraptor array. I'd like to use them (160GB x 2) in RAID 1 if I can reformat them. Apparently the NVIDIA Nforce 680i mainboard from EVGA is notorious for hinky RAID support issues, even with my bios upgade. Id even be happy to discard RAID altogether, as I have been eyeing the high capacity SSDs as boot drives. BTW, EVGA's own knowledge base/tech/support/forums have been utterly unresponsive to my cries for help and support. It seems one Velociraptor is totally unresponsive as a SATA drive, the other identifies itself as part of a RAID 0 array and refuses attempts at reformatting/reconfiguration.

Again, ANY and ALL help and suggestions are hugely appreciated, the more technically concise the better.

Many thanks in advance,

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  1. BTW,

    most disturbing of all is ive been adamant about making routine system restore points regularly in the past, and for some reason i get the "system restore cannot protect your computer. try rebooting" . figuring this is caused by the services loading restart loop glitch immediately following trying to load mup.sys,, so im totally without recourse to try a system restore to the pre-catastrophe xp3 config ! ARRRGH!
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